Psychotherapy Cork

Charlie Stevens MA, MAIHIP -- and Marianne Gabriel MA UKCP

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What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

    Integrative Psychotherapy refers to two things.The first and most important aspect of this work is to support the integration of human life. What does it mean to be fully human in the 21st century,that is physically, emotionally, spiritually and in relation to others ? Secondly the integration is one of several different approaches to that work. I use primarily  an embodied mindful approach to Jungian, Freudian, Kleinian and family systems perspectives although it is not limited to these. This means an  emphasis on the here and now and relationships. I also have long experience practicing and teaching yoga,meditation,relaxation and visualisation which can be an addition to the sessions.

How might psychotherapy help?

                 An important aspect of psychotherapy is the investigation and making conscious the parts of ourselves that have remained hidden and inaccessible to the conscious mind. Very often there are patterns of behaviour or thinking that although useful and ingenious in our early lives have prevented us from living full and meaningful adult lives. Although these patterns maybe old and deep due to our amazing capacity as humans there is the possibility of integration and change.  It is important to enquire into what can change and what cannot.

               The therapeutic space can permit the speaking of the unspeakable or the release of long term stresses that have been inhibiting and creating confusion in the mind. 

                Typical of these problems would be stress caused by bereavement, relationship breakdown, confusion about sexuality, panic attacks, sexual  abuse, emotional abuse, bullying in the workplace, ageing or financial difficulties.

 Psychotherapy can involve a long term commitment to inquiry into the deepest questions of life.

When do I need psychotherapy?

                     Usually people come to therapy when there is a crisis in their lives in relationship or loss of a loved one or tension that has been held for a long time. However it is also valuable to come to therapy as support and safety during other times. Questions arise that may need the non judgemental and non critical space that therapy offers.

To book a session or make an enquiry click here or call or text 086 1072505


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