Psychotherapy Cork

Charlie Stevens MA, MAIHIP -- and Marianne Gabriel MA UKCP

Seven weekends over the year starting May 2019 (note new start date)

Please note that this years (2018/19) course is now full however you can apply now for 2019/20 with the form below.

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Cost €1500  for all seven weekends.

 Deposit €500  Early bird €1400 before March 15th.

(Please note fees are due for all weekends if you attend or not).

A year for you

  What we continue to discover and excites us is how soulful movement practice and systemic constellations create the possibility of a widening field. Other supportive practices we use that can develop the qualities of the heart are, chanting, soul dance, and meditation.

       The path of the year we take together will move through the elements of ground, flow, fire, air, spaciousness and mind. We will explore deeply together such questions as:-

What matters?

What do I care about?

What resources me?

What gets in the way?

What is it that’s whispering?

What am I practicing?

What am I good at?

What am I grieving?

What am I curious about?

A quote from Marianne about her work.

'Self-Nurture with a holistic yoga practice using the feminine and masculine principles of intuition, flow, receptivity, stretching and ease, together with cultivating core strength. We are invited into our natural movement through somatic movement explorations, dance, breath work, inner work (journaling & art forms) healing power of sound and Rest.
The creative way I work with the anatomy of body/mind has arrived through a synthesis drawn from many different approaches. Its starting point is from the felt-sense of a need to follow the body's desire to move and thus allow its own natural movement as a way of healing and retrieving and reclaiming the forgotten, hidden neglected parts. Often what shows up is our creative fire, or our watery flow, our pleasure or in the words of the poet Mary Oliver a calling back to our "one wild and passionate life"
My intention is to create a safe and protective space where we can feel more ease and space in our bodies, breathe a little deeper and connect to our primordial life force re-connecting to our true and wild and nourishing nature.

Out of our movement we find ways to language our inner experience in writing and art and ritual.'

Click here for more about Marianne

and one from Charlie

' I and many others have found that Constellations can be used not only to see the effects and possible resolution of hidden family dynamics but also to explore issues such as the systemic causes of illness, the blockages in business development, your relationship to money or those people with whom you struggle. There are many applications of this most powerful method. This way of working combined with group and individual process work creates new possibilites in the neurobiological circuits and therefore our daily lives'



May 3/4/5th                                                    

    Opening residential An Sanctoir Ballydehob Co Cork

July 20th/21st
The Yoga Loft Cork

September 21/22nd
The Yoga Loft Cork 

November 16th/17th
Venue to be confirmed

January 18th/19th 2020
The Yoga Loft Cork

March 7th/8th 2020
The Yoga Loft Cork

May 15/16/17th
Closing residential at An Sanctoir.

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