Psychotherapy Cork

Charlie Stevens MA, MAIHIP,

A year for you

     This is an n invitation to join fellow inner travellers in practices that will nourish inspire ,invigorate and slow down to help in the good care of our body mind and soul. The intention is to further integrate all parts of ourselves and be able to communicate well along the way. We will use various modalities during the course.
There will be elements and practice  of Contemporary Yoga, Family Constellations, Somatic Movement enquiries, Dance, Mindfulness, Za Zen and walking meditation, deep rest, voicework and time to process what emerges both individually and collectively. We will use a such diverse and yet connected fields such as poetry and neuro science to support and inform the work.
This year is the culmination of the 60 or so years of personal and interpersonal experience and training in these modalities.

Here is some more about the way we work.

Contemporary Yoga

 We established CY in 1999 as a vehicle to train yoga teachers combining modern understanding and traditional roots. It was a two year course the first year being a journey through the elements (Chakras) the second year about teaching methodology etc.  We held this training for 14 years. In a Year for You we will offer some aspects of the first year of CY that have evolved over the years


Systemic Constellations

Charlie became particularly interested in this form through his own experience about 15 years ago he then trained for two years with the Hellinger Institute of Ireland and 6 weekl long  intensives each year in Germany. Charlie wasa member of a supervision group held by one of the founders of the work Hunter Beaumont for many years in Cork. We will hold constellations at each weekend.